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Unlock Smartphone Beeline Smart 2 Dual Kyrgyzstan performed by IMEI with a unique NCK unlock code. The customer receives the NCK code immediately after payment.

After entering the unlock code received in the smart phone - he begins to work with a SIM card of any operator.
The method is completely safe for smartphone
because The manufacturer has provided the device unlock this option,
and therefore will not bring any harm to your Beeline Smart 2 Dual Kyrgyzstan.

View imei by typing in smarfone * # 06 #
Before ordering, make sure that your code Beeline Smart 2 Dual Kyrgyzstan asks to enter the unlock code when you turn it to the SIM card of another operator.
If after receiving the code, it appears that attempts to enter the code is all used up, the funds are non-refundable.

Unlock manual

1. To obtain the unlock code you will be required to inform us IMEI of your device. You can look at the label under the battery, and learn typing in phone mode combination: * # 06 #.
2. The payment of the goods (if you make a payment through an external payment system and after payment you have a button "to go back to the seller," - do not forget to press it), after payment carefully the form that appears, type in the IMEI.
3. When sending data you entered - unlock code will come to your trading platform in messages and your email (if after payment of the goods you have not seen or accidentally missed the form to indicate the IMEI - click on the link in the letter of, you will receive immediately after payment).
4. Do not forget to leave a review of the acquisition of goods!

How long to wait have to wait for an unlock code?
Typically, the code is sent immediately after the payment, but we are all people and administrators of this site as well.
We may be busy or absent for some time.
Nevertheless, we aim to process your application as soon as possible, so long you do not have to wait.
And do not forget that the one who leave negative feedback without waiting for the code that does not get the bonus on the account.
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will have to fill the following fields:
- E-mail address (email);
- IMEI (type in the smartphone * # 06 #);
These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of sale and purchase of goods.
14.12.2017 20:28:15
Отличная работа. Я получил код сразу и все отлично. Спасибо!!!
28.08.2017 22:08:14
vsyo rabotal