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The method is completely safe for your phone,

because phone manufacturer has provided this option unlock

and therefore will not bring any harm to your phone.

************************************************** *****

The process of unlocking the phone MTS982 982T 982X

************************************************** *****

1. Write to us IMEI of your phone (you can watch it on a sticker under the battery or by typing in the phone * # 06 #)

2. Send us your phone model and IMEI and we will send you a code unlock.

3. Insert the SIM card different from the native operator MTS (Megafon, Beeline, Tele2, etc.).

4. If you have a SIM card enabled to request a PIN code, enter it.

5. Next, a window will appear (Enter the unlock code (left twentieth attempts), we enter the resulting code NCK.

6. Confirm input.

6. Phone successfully unlocked.

7. Do not forget to leave a comment for the purchased goods.

************************************************** ********

Supported phones: MTS 982 MTS982T 982X

****** WARNING ******

Before making a purchase it is strongly recommended to check whether the phone requests the security code when it is installed in the SIM card of another operator.

By purchasing you agree that the model of your phone MTS 982T or 982H and attempts to enter the code are not all spent.

If after making a purchase code, it appears that attempts to enter the code razblokiroki no longer exists, funds are non-refundable.
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will have to fill the following fields:

- Full Name;

- E-mail address (email);

- IMEI phone - dial phone * # 06 #;

- Phone model (MTS982T);

These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of sale of goods.
25.07.2020 14:06:29
Спасибо большое!!!
20.04.2017 9:44:08
Огромное спасибо ОТ-982Т от мтс разблокировался с первой попытки. Код пришел в течении 5 минут. Все по честному за 200 руб.
24.07.2016 15:49:23
Супер!Помогли ! Код пришел через пять минут,не смотря на то что сегодня выходной день!
14.06.2016 19:45:08
Сервис работает отлично. Не лохотрон. Код разблокировки получил, телефон работает отлично. Молодцы!!!!
Лучше 200 руб. умным ребятам, чем 800-1000 руб. за ту же работу в сервис-центре.
25.02.2016 20:23:38
Спасибо продавцу, код получил моментально, и все работает. Советую смело сотрудничать с ним !