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Solution of the D6 version 95 of Reshebnik Targ SM 1983 - Course of Theoretical Mechanics.
CONDITION TO THE PROBLEM D6 (pg. 50-52 in the training manual Targ SM 1983.):
The mechanism located in a horizontal plane, is in equilibrium under the action of applied forces: the equilibrium position is determined by the angles α, β, γ, φ, θ (Figure D6.0 - D6.9, Table D6..).
Long rod mechanism (crank or rocker) are: l1 = 0,4 m, l4 = 1,0 m (dimensions l2 and l3 are arbitrary); Point E in Fig. 2 - 6 is in the middle of the respective rod.
On the mechanism of action: in Fig. 0-2 - the force F, applied to the D slider, and a pair of forces with the moment M applied to the shaft 1; Fig. 3-9 - the couple of forces with the moments M1 and M2 applied to terminals 1 and 4.
The system is balanced by the power of the Q parallel Bb, attached to the slider B. Determine what is and in what direction the force is directed.
After payment you will receive high-quality solution to the problem D6 Option 95 on the theoretical mechanics of unique Reshebnik SM Targ 1983.
The decision is made on the job methodical instructions and control tasks termehu for part-time students of thermal power, mining, metallurgy, electro-instrument-making, automation and technological specialties universities.
The decision is decorated in a word / pdf format / less hand-written in jpg or gif format verify if necessary.
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