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Solution C2-02 (Figure C2.0 condition 2 SM Targ 1988)
A homogeneous rectangular plate of weight P = 5 kN with sides AB = 3l, BC = 2l is fixed at point A with a spherical hinge (bearing) and is kept in equilibrium by a weightless rod CC ´(Fig. C2.0 - C2.9). A couple of forces act on the plate with a moment M = 6 kN · m, lying in the plane of the plate, and two forces. The values ​​of these forces, their directions and application points are indicated in Table. C2; the forces F1 and F4 lie in planes parallel to the xy plane, the force F2 in the plane parallel to xz, the force F3 in the plane parallel to yz. The points of application of forces (D, E, H) are in the middle of the sides of the plate. Determine the reaction of bonds at points A, B and C. When calculating, take l = 0.8 m.
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