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Seller: otshop
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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$50 the discount is 10%
What gives a premium account license:
When inventory is not emptied death
At the entrance to the server there is no inscription "Try 3 seconds"
Ability to access the server, even if it is full
Play for foreign licensed servers
Play in an interesting fashion on servers (MineZ etc.)

? Download the game client
? pass authorization in the client
? Enjoy the game.
? We do not provide access to the site
? You cant change data
? We have no answer to the secret question !!!
Due to the large influx of lovers of freebies and deception, in order to avoid fraud, make a video of the purchase and entry into the account. In case of a problem without a video, we will not be able to help you!
Rent for 14 days. No refund. Replacement in case of failure.
If you do not agree to the terms - DO NOT BUY.

05.06.2020 19:37:33
Всё топ , провели замену .
12.05.2020 14:53:51
Попался не работающий аккаунт, быстро заменили
18.04.2020 23:17:39
the password or the mail not working
08.04.2020 22:15:38
Всё работает!
05.04.2020 14:24:58
account did not work but the seller gave me a new one thank you
04.03.2020 2:34:37
17.08.2019 1:43:18
thank you sir
15.07.2019 21:55:14
After a minor inconvenience - seller reacted quiet fastly and gave a working product, thank you so much
09.07.2019 22:52:36
All good
04.07.2019 20:28:14
Omg the seller gave me new account after mine wasn´t working

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