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After payment you will instantly receive data from your Xbox 360 account.

Profile games: PES 2017

There are two BASIC points of the GENERAL PROFILE rules.
• The profile is considered general and is intended only for downloading and running games. (For instructions on launching games from a shared account, read BELOW!). It is forbidden to play on the general profile!
• Resell / Exchange / Transfer data from your account to third parties - IT IS FORBIDDEN!

Introductory information.
• After payment, you will be given a password in the form of "jnvebkjsfvppyaeg" - 16-digit characters, in other words, in the form of an "application password" created automatically from Microsoft. This password can only be used on the Xbox 360 console. It is not recommended to use it on, with numerous attempts, the data will be automatically reset by Microsoft for protection purposes and you will have to update the data again - and for you this is expectations, but for the seller it is suffering :)
* If you purchased a product and the data on them is incorrect. Please inform the seller in order to get new ones. We cannot keep track of and identify on which profile the data has flown. In this connection, a claim in a negative review "data is incorrect" will not be accepted. The whole decision takes place only in the atmosphere of "correspondence with the seller".

• This profile is ONLY for the Xbox 360 console. Be careful.

• This profile is intended for use by persons from Russia only. Saying this, I mean the direct location of the user, on the territory of the Russian Federation.

• If there is a license transfer, the data will be updated 2 days before it appears, and you, in turn, agree to wait for the sale, which will take place within 30 days, maybe a couple of days, or maybe a couple of weeks - unknown. During product unavailability, your warranty time will be suspended and will be counted. As compensation for expectations, you will have the right to choose to replace certain items, optionally at the time the product is not available.

• The owner, and in one person the seller, updates the data only when a fraudster is identified, which is rare. Otherwise, the circumstances are higher.

• Before purchasing, make sure you understand what you are purchasing. That you know what is a shared account on the Xbox 360 console and everything around it. If you are not sure about something, we recommend asking the operators in the (Question / Answer) section.

How to use:

How to play these games on your account.
1. method [this method requires an internet connection]:
2. method [this method requires two gamepads]:

The profile is sold to the public. Remember: The Profile is the property of the Owner/Seller.
The product warranty is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase until the end of time. Using the profile, after the warranty expires, will be valid until the very last data change, and this can happen after a month or more.
|Replacement of goods is made only in the following cases..|
• Wrong login or password.
• Product does not meet the description.
|Replacement of goods or refund is not made..|
• After 14 days from the date of purchase.
• Didn´t like the games on the profile.
• Violation of the rules for using the profile for informational purposes.
• In case of unforeseen circumstances, after 14 days, no refund is made, by unforeseen circumstances we mean: a ban on a Microsoft account under the influence of third parties (playing on a flashed console, playing from a profile, etc.)

Dear customer, please note that we adhere to our work, in which we undertake to provide the product, provide it in working condition and bring you to satisfaction, but in turn we expect adequacy from you.
•If you have a problem, you need to at least unsubscribe to the seller in correspondence and wait for a response as much as possible. This is the circumstance in which your situation will be considered superficially, with a quick solution to the problem. If you want to give motivation for even faster, then you can leave a positive review, with relevant content.
•If you have a problem and you leave negative feedback without notification, without a solution, your situation falls under detailed consideration, which increases the waiting time for its solution. Negative feedback is a good reason for which there is a need to analyze the problem more carefully.
You can contact us on the page of the paid goods in the section "My purchases"
06.12.2022 17:34:25
Работоспособен !
06.09.2022 21:08:37
Все отлично, спасибо
18.08.2017 19:24:35
купил общий акк на fifa 17, пароль не подходит!!!
UPD. Продавец оперативно помог решить ситуацию! Респект!
06.07.2017 20:03:30
04.02.2017 11:10:47
Все здорово, возникли небольшие неполадки, но мне их очень быстро устранили)) советую, оперативно сработали))
01.02.2017 13:10:55
По началу не верил!
но решил попробовать и через пару часов играл в любимую игру!!
всем советую!!!
25.12.2016 18:25:19
все супер!
03.11.2016 16:39:13
Все отлично, все работает. Спасибо Георгию. Отвечает быстро, по делу и помогает решать вопросы, даже если они его не касаются. Всем рекомендую.
17.10.2016 15:31:32
Покупаю не в первый раз. Продавец надёжный, онлайн практически круглосуточно. На вопросы отвечает быстро. К качеству товара претензий нет, всё соответствует описанию.
17.10.2016 11:39:29
Скачал игры,все отлично.Спасибо продавцу
17.10.2016 0:34:07
скачал, все работет, все понравилось)
07.10.2016 21:30:20
всё работает отличный продавец советую
07.10.2016 5:51:43
Спасибо продавцу. Все четко ясно .С заботой о покупателях
05.10.2016 19:34:19
все оки
05.10.2016 18:52:52
Отличный товар + качественное обслуживание
05.10.2016 3:16:26
Спасибо,все отлично)
04.10.2016 23:43:11
Хороший аккаунт,скачал игры теперь наслаждаясь;)
04.10.2016 23:18:32
Аккаунт рабочий, спасибо огромное продавцу. Берите только у него
04.10.2016 23:16:27
04.10.2016 23:09:21
04.10.2016 23:05:12
все быстро и просто)
Продавец отличный,всегда поможет)
02.10.2016 19:47:05
Отличный продавец быстро надёжно качественно рекомендую
02.10.2016 17:35:27
Впервые вижу такого:доброго,отзывчиваемого,грамотного продавца.Все предоставил,объяснил даже в друзья добавил)Все на отлично,покупайте игру не пожалеете!!!
02.10.2016 16:42:59
Помогли во всём, спасибо)
02.10.2016 16:37:09
Все хорошо работает, большое спасибо
30.09.2016 19:21:04
Отличный продавец!Нечем не обидел,берите не пожалеете.Спасибо громное!
30.09.2016 19:08:41
Отличный продавец, дешево, быстро, рекомендую!)
30.09.2016 19:08:16
Все круто, буду обращаться и потом )
Продавцу спасибо :)
30.09.2016 12:29:03
Все отлично работает, продавцу огромное спасибо за товар.
30.09.2016 10:44:08
Гоша красавчик,все как надо работает!!!!
29.09.2016 5:47:31
Гоша спасибо!как всегда лучший продавец!
28.09.2016 20:05:24
Спасибо все круто! Купил и доволен! Все работает!
28.09.2016 17:20:44
Немного пришлось подождать, чтобы скачать (раза три выбивало), но в целом все хоршо
25.09.2016 22:04:49
спасибо. всё отлично
25.09.2016 1:04:41
Все хорошо. Спасибо продавцу)