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Giant Machines 2017
Price STEAM 419 rubles. </ Attention>

About this game
Game Giant Machines 2017 will enable you to take control of seven industrial, the world´s largest machines that exist in the world not so long ago. Thanks to them, you will enter the world of hydraulic systems, bent pipes and the smell of diesel in the world.

In contrast to the existing games in this genre, a long campaign of 14 missions creates a story and immerses players into it fully. The purpose of sending the shuttle to the International Space Station (ISS). Besides all this, you still have to:
• destroy the mountain slopes,
• move a ton of land,
• cut the metal structures,
• digging up radioactive ores,
• transportation (mountains, ores, vehicles ... and even a spaceship!)

Machines include also:
• measure accurately reproduced, as well as in the real world,
• completely designed the exact analogue of the real work of buckets and other parts,
• Full simulation of physical laws (without simplification!).

Your campaign will start at 6 different geographic locations in Grendlandii in Canada, Wyoming, Missouri and Florida. Thanks to the accurate sizing of all cars and great graphics you fully immerse yourself in the game. In addition, you can move around in the modes, as well as the first person, and with the help of the form of the vehicle cab that weighty increases the sense of immersion in the atmosphere.

Alternate game mode Attack Time. It is unlocked after beating the campaign, and is also of individual small missions. The reward for each completed job from this regime within the specified time will be given in the form of bronze, silver or gold medals, as in recording the best for you in the list (highscore).

And for dessert, you will find the technical library, which includes all the machines. With the help of it, and all the machines, presented in 3D you will increase your knowledge about the world´s largest machine. We introduce you to the first of these technical parameters and performance.

Machines are available in Giant Machines 2017 game:
• Crusher - a giant among the giants - a machine capable of destroying the mountains
• Larva - standard platform for transporting spacecraft
• Taran - need for demolition devices. For example, to cut steel pipes and massive scaffolding.
• Bulldozer - essential machine for transporting several tons of snow and small items.
• Dump - a great car if you need to release the weekly output from the mine.
Excavator - best vehicle to transport vertically and horizontally rocks.
• Crane machine - to move multi-ton containers, has never been so easy!After payment you will receive a unique link (Gift) in the game activation STEAM
Gift can be activated in the countries: Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Republic of Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan </ attention>.AttentionFor Gift (STEAM random key), leave a positive feedback with a comment "GIFT». </ Attention>
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