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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$3 the discount is 1%
$20 the discount is 2%
$50 the discount is 3%
$100 the discount is 4%
$250 the discount is 5%
$800 the discount is 6%
$1400 the discount is 7%
$2000 the discount is 8%
$3000 the discount is 9%
$5000 the discount is 10%

Coupon for doubling payment up to 50 000
Please note: the promotion only applies to new clients of myTarget
The offer can be used only to increase the payment in the first advertising campaign.
Refill your account for up to 50 000 rubles and you will receive a bonus in the same amount.

Conditions for granting a gift coupon:

1. Any user who has received a coupon for an affiliate program who has passed the registration and who created an account for the juror can become a participant in the promotion. person in the service myTarget.
2. During the promotion, one customer can receive and activate only 1 coupon.

The coupon is activated by the link -

Additional Information

1. Register / log in to myTarget as a legal entity. face.
1.1 You need to register in the service myTarget: country Russia, the currency is growing. ruble, type of account advertiser, legal status - Legal entity!
1.2 Fill in the details of LLC or PI and wait for their verification. Send scans of the contract with MT.
1.3 Create your first advertising campaign, compose advertisements and wait for the moderation of at least one of them.
1.4 Enter the coupon at
2. Activate the coupon and redeem the account from the company´s current account.
3. Create ads and wait for the moderation of at least one of them
4. After the first replenishment of the balance, the amount of money on your account will be doubled. The maximum bonus amount is 50 000 rubles. For example, if you paid 5,000 rubles, myTarget will add 5,000 rubles to them. If you paid 15,000 rubles, myTarget will add 15,000 rubles. And so on, but not more than 50 000 rubles.
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