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Examination 2
1. Write a summary in English for employment (CV) (size - no more than half a page) and a cover letter (The letter of application) (15-20 sentences), which indicate where you learned about the job, why do you want to work in this company and what your knowledge and skills (based on CV) will be particularly in demand. Note the convenient ways to communicate with you and a willingness to be interviewed.
Apply for both documents in accordance with the rules of registration of business correspondence, and translate them into Russian.
2. Make 5 proposals with certain grammatical structures on the theme "Intercultural communication and its importance in the modern world":
- One of the proposals must be made in a group of simple times (Simple),
- One of the proposals to be made in the group of long time (Continuous),
- One of the proposals to be made in the group is the perfect time (Perfect),
- One of the proposals should be drafted in a group quite long-time (Perfect Continuous),
- One of the proposals should be written in the passive voice (any group of time) (Passive Voice).
3. Make a note of these proposals separately, turn each of them and explain why eating vidovremennyh corresponding form.
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