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"We considered them friends and saviors, but they turned out to be conquerors. The chronicles did not help us to renounce the outdated traditions - they enslaved and destroyed us. The rest do not know anything, the sweet voices of the alien masters still sing in their heads. But this will be the end. I will take care of this! "- Sasaki
Survive in Space is a space shooter with an emphasis on game mechanics. This game is for those who are not afraid of difficulties. You - Sasaki, a young soldier, in the course of a boring patrol, learned the terrible truth about how the alien race Chronicles enslaved humanity. Sasaki´s inner throwings plunge him into depression, and in the darkest depths of the ancient temple he meets the Shadow, an ancient and full fury creation, and with his help he decides to challenge the Chronicles.


To save their people, Sasaki has to go through 50 tense levels. In the game you are waiting for five insidious bosses - one at the end of each sector of ten levels. Each boss is unique - get ready for unexpected combat mechanics and a real test of your pilot skills.
Between the fights with the bosses you have to defeat hundreds of insidious opponents, ready to do anything to stop you and Shadow. All opponents in the game can be divided into three categories: Defensive - such opponents are not very dangerous in themselves, but they protect their more fragile comrades. Offensive - the main source of damage to enemy forces, they will spit your ship in seconds.
Special - the most insidious opponents. Their goal - to confuse you, changing the very nature of the battlefield.
To defeat such enemies, Sasaki has a rich collection of his own explosive toys. At the disposal of the hero are five different ships, each of them with its own advantages and disadvantages. Develop your own style of play and choose a ship for it to your taste.
In the course of the development of the protagonist, his ships are developing: only by correctly improving their basic characteristics and by carefully distributing points of ability you can defeat the hordes of enemies. As the game progresses, your abilities are not simply improved - they evolve, opening up completely new possibilities for their application.
Finally, Shadow herself gave Sasaki a powerful weapon against the Chronicles - a double combat mode. The dual mode allows Sasaki to switch between defensive and offensive ship settings, gaining additional protection or fire advantage depending on the situation. Switching between modes requires a quick reaction - the right mode at the right moment can mean the difference between life and death.
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