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After purchase You will receive a unique key, activating which You´ll add the game Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition on Your steam account.
Instruction for activation key:
1. If You have a steam account then register on steam. Be logged into steam.
2. After purchase You will receive a unique key that you want to copy
3. Steam opens find the button "Add game", then clicks on "Activate a product on steam"
4. In the window that appears, insert the key format - HHHHH-HHHHH-HHHHH
5. After activating the game appear in your library. You can download them from the steam servers.
12.03.2022 18:03:41
Даже в наше тревожное и непростое время.
Ключ появился мгновенно, игра активировалась без проблем!
Спасибо! Остался очень доволен покупкой!