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After purchase you will receive a Steam account to play Saints Row 2. On some accounts, can be and other games.

By buying this product you get an account in the form:
• The username and password of the account (Guard off)
• All accounts without VAC lock;
• Before the sale, all accounts tested

After logging into your account, don´t forget to do the following in order:
• To change the contact e-mail address;
• To change the password on the account;
• To Enable Steam Guard.
If You have any issues with the change mail (mail) email correspondence with the seller.
07.12.2017 15:49:56
Все нормально
12.05.2017 18:13:08
Хорош продавец купил санц роу 2 за 20 руб когда она стоит 250:)
09.05.2017 11:37:57

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