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After purchase, you will receive a unique key, activating which you add the game Broadsword: Age of Chivalry to your steam account.

The price of this product in official stores is 419 rubles, buy the key from us, you will save 409 rubles
Instruction for activation key:
1. If You have a steam account then register on steam. Be logged into steam.
2. After purchase You will receive a unique key that you want to copy
3. Steam opens find the button "Add game", then clicks on "Activate a product on steam"
4. In the window that appears, insert the key format - HHHHH-HHHHH-HHHHH
5. After activating the game appear in your library. You can download them from the steam servers.
24.04.2019 23:21:09
All good.
20.07.2018 4:09:50