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We offer 10,000 (10 thousand) likes on the Instagram social network. We can add all the likes for one post (photo or video), or distribute it for many different posts. It can be old publications, or new - it doesn´t matter. You yourself determine where and how many likes you need.

This is the most advantageous offer - you can´t buy such a number of Instagram likes cheaper anywhere else.

Individual approach to each client. We will fulfill any of your wishes.

We do not ask for a password or other personal information. A link to a profile is enough (you can even have several different profiles), or specific links to photos for which you need likes.

You can give likes to your friends, relatives, acquaintances. They won´t even know that the likes are ordered.

The order will be completed within a few minutes.
Just provide a link to your Instagram profile, or specific links to publications
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