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Seller: Fatmanik
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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1 the discount is 3%
$2 the discount is 5%
$5 the discount is 10%
$10 the discount is 15%
$15 the discount is 30%

Full list of games can be found on my page with a description of the goods.

Games are added sequentially.

Buying a product at this price, you get all of the game without increasing prices

The process of adding games.

That is, you get a specified amount of games at once and free of charge the rest of the game

Uploaded later.

Download the game can be at any time, regardless of the date of purchase

And an unlimited number of times, since I sell games that are on my

And get access to them can only be bought me the link to the right


The purchase includes a link to a page and a password.

After purchasing send to my email password from a page to the main page of a site,

it is necessary in the case of changing the password.
For every positive feedback pay 7 cents.

Just leave this part number of your Z purse.
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