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´Zeus Quests Remastered´ is a fun point & click adventure game with carefree humor. It combines ancient Greek mythology and science fiction in a crazy whirlwind! Unlike the original game, the re-release is completely animated, produces stable 60 fps, and can boast of amusing vector graphics and frantic dialogs.

You play for Zeus (the supreme god Olympus), which, incidentally, is a slightly nutskin. He tries to repair the time machine and save the planet from destruction. The whole game takes place at the time of Ancient Greece. Characters and dialogues are silly and under the hour are absurd. They are also translated into 6 languages. In some cutscenes there is also English voice acting. The visual style of the game is recognizable by its unique and cartoonish. All objects are animated, and the game with it stably works with a frequency of 60 frames per second.

Zeus, the supreme god of Olympus, was called back to Earth because of the operation of the protective mechanism. The story begins with the fact that Zeus with his spacecraft crashes off the coast of the Greek island of Santorini. On the island, he meets dozens of funny locals and solves many difficult puzzles. The game itself is great, because Zeus during the trip will visit the Eey, Akrotiri, Firo, Caldera, Vulcan and many more places, until finally he finds his super weapon - a machine of thunder and time. But even then his mission will be far from over, so he will have to sail to other Greek islands: Milos, Karpathos, Mykonos and Delos. There he must find the scattered parts of the time machine and only then use it to save the planet. He will even steal Europe, turn into a mythical bull and take it to Minoan Crete at the time of Knossos. There he will enter the famous Knossos labyrinth and the city of Festus, in order to find the missing parts and complete his heroic mission.

Features of the game
crazy old school "point & click" adventure game that first saw the light in the distant 2008
stable picture at 60fps and fully animated characters
absurd plot and dialogues, translated into 6 languages
amusing FullHD vector graphics
synchronization of save with Steam Cloud
achievements and leaderboard
advice system
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