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When you purchase this item, you will receive a digital card code that can be used to create a new or renew your existing Xbox Live Gold account for a period of 12 months.

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*** Please activate the code immediately after receiving it !!! ***

The easiest way to activate the key is from a PC or smartphone. Residents of any country can activate this method.
1) Download HolaVpn app (or any other free vpn server)
2) Open the application and put Japan there
3) After that, from a PC or smartphone, go to from any browser
under your username and password and activate the code
Your account must not have active subscriptions!

Turn on auto-renewal and get 1 MONTH FREE. At the end of the subscription period and free use, you can cancel the paid renewal, respectively, get an additional month of using the GOLD status for free! An additional free month is given at the initiative of Microsoft themselves, in case there are any problems with its activation - all questions are only to them, on my part, claims in this regard will not be accepted.
23.12.2022 8:31:24
14.10.2022 14:39:44
Активировал спасибо)
02.06.2022 20:49:51
+12 Четко все!
28.05.2022 13:50:31
Купил на год всё отлично спасибо большое советую
29.04.2022 14:36:46
Ключ активировал,всё отлично.
06.05.2018 21:10:57
все шикарно) плюс месяц, но нужно отключить успеть) будем сотрудничать дальше если будет еще)
05.12.2017 22:04:35
Все работает
19.11.2017 2:37:49
все четко!рекомендую!
01.11.2017 5:48:14
Я смотрю что первый кто рискнул купить подписку. И не пожалел . Советую

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