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Release date: October 11, 2012
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A powerful army of people invaded the territory of the orcs and goblins. The battle was brutal, but after the survivors of the goblin battle, the winners were caught and mercilessly killed, and the orcs were captured and enslaved ... In this fantasy story, you play the role of an orc warrior from the legendary Legion "Bloodthirsty", a veteran tempered in the most terrible battles. The commander assigns you a mission, which, if successful, will change the course of the war. You must kill one single person who is guilty of bloodshed, a man who for years has kindled a human hatred for green-skinned, instigated to destroy them ... You need to kill the emperor himself. In this dangerous matter, you will have an assistant. Goblin. It is completely different from the orc, but very soon it becomes clear that the numerous differences only play into your hands. Together you will go a long way - from dirty alleys at the foot of the Great Wall to the very heart of the Empire of people. And only together, perhaps, you will be able to change the course of history and restore peace.

• Orcs and goblins against people. Do a dangerous journey through the detailed fantasy universe, engulfed by the fire of the war, to fulfill a truly suicidal mission
• They are so different, and yet they are together. Each of the two green-skinned characters has skills based on the natural qualities of his race, which you will develop. The orc possesses extraordinary physical strength, the goblin is gifted with the strength of another - dark, besides, he is superbly able to act secretly, which makes him an excellent killer
• Enemies and allies. You will have many interesting, both useful and dangerous meetings: you will meet with wizards, cross the blades with hired assassins and soldiers of the army of people and even enter into confrontation with the mighty Sisters of Sorrow


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