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In fact, it not sold a particular script to the task of integrating with the payment system Yandex money, and help connect the person who is not a single site (namely exchanger) connected to the system Yandex Money.

By purchasing this product you will receive:

1. Archive contains the following:

a) A full-featured wallet Yandex money

b) module written in .NET to implement internet connectivity purse and script (in this case PHP scripts)

in) PHP script works with the module described in paragraph (b), gives the following functions: automatic reception of money, check balance of the purse, sending money to another account Yandex money

2. Full advice and assistance Developer Installation and incorporation system Vashj site. This item is not podruzomevaet that the developer will dig into your scripts and adapt them to work with Yandex money, and it means only that the developer indicates that you need to do to set up a system to accept the money, send money, check your balance.

The system operates as follows:

on the web site contains the scripts and the secret key is generated scripts Web site HTTP or HTTPS requests to our system (the system is installed on Win sure the machine), and you receive the corresponding HTTP or HTTPS requests to win the car, the system checks the correctness of the secret key, and if the key has coincided perform the requested team. This is to check the balance and send money.

To receive money:

You generate a special HTML form in Cator all system fields are specified for payment, will pay both the web wallets, and from ordinary. If you receive money through the system to notify certain WIN machine script on a Web site.

PS itself web site may also be located on the same machine WIN.
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