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This app-book is a door to the other reality. Every day we can feel its impact on us. But we do not want to notice it. In the app you can find multiple examples of that impacts. It is for help you to understand the unreal world better and deeper. Try this app and you start to feel how the world works and what are the tendencies of its development. Becoming the owner of sacred knowledge and believing it you will discover much of what neither had been previously noticed nor attached any importance. I am confident that, with this new data, which is, by the way, consistent with modern discoveries in physics, people will be able to look at themselves to make certain findings and change towards a deeper spiritual mindset and self-improvement.

Contact with another reality cannot be a simple action and will require you to have some preparation and, if you like, the courage to recognize that the world is not actually the way it is drawn by everyday perception. The narrow-mindedness and limited human abilities do not give the whole ambitious picture created by God on the eternal canvas of space and time. Once you hold in your hands this text, then you are ready to grasp one of the great mysteries, entwined in the fabric of space. Because much, if not all, is predetermined. So, free yourself of any doubts and follow me through the darkness of your own thoughts to truly vast and unknown territories of universal generosity, happiness and love.

Use this app-book and get a ticket to another reality. It´s worth it. Believe me, I know.
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