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If you hear every day about Bitcoin, the crypto currency, blockage, stories about new billionaires who made their fortune in just a few months ..
If you do not agree to keep your "blood" in the bank, which pays 6% per annum, but in fact gradually deprives you of your money ..
If you do not know which side to approach to this mysterious world ..
Then this course is made for you!
In this book, the quintessence of all information about the world of crypto-currency is gathered, all the information in one place! If I had this course at the beginning of my crypto, I would have saved a lot of money and about a year of priceless time ..
Having studied this material, you will feel "like a fish in the water" in the world of crypto currency, even if now you do not understand what is at stake!
The course is written in a simple, human language that even a child would understand, the material is backed up by practical examples, and links to all the resources in question are given!
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