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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$50 the discount is 3%
$70 the discount is 5%
$100 the discount is 10%

The driver selects on which machine to perform the task. Required CT or TT 10lvl in the hangar.
2 million silver, if the service is from 0 to 15 rank (in most cases, silver will remain)
1 million silver for 2 cars (in most cases, silver will remain)
Presence of a pre-account, or gold for its purchase for the specified time.
At the time of booking, you do not play ranked battles

When ordering, you can specify the time at which you will play. It is strictly forbidden to enter the account at another time during the order, because this prevents the driver from fulfilling the order. In the case of visits to the account during the game of the driver, we are entitled to raise the price for the performance of the service or perform the service not completely. Because knocking out the driver from the account during the battle is accompanied by the fall of the chevron (or not getting in a victorious battle).

The crew must have 100% basic skill and two full perks.
The more technics you have on your account, the easier it is for the driver to fulfill your order!

Possibility to retrain the crew for driver´s choice (200 gold for one crew member or 20k silver, but with little loss of experience) of your choice. Write in the comments to the order for silver or gold allow the discharge of perks if necessary. If you do not specify a method for retraining, it will be at the discretion of the driver.

Ability to install three additional. equipment to choose a driver. The presence on the account of 100 gold for the removal of equipment from other equipment.

Obligatory availability of modules for equipment (on a tank or in a warehouse) by classes:

TT - sender, stabilizer, fan

CT - sender, stabilizer, fan, clarified optics

PT - sender, actuating actuators, fan, stereotube, antireflection optics

LT - dispatcher, enlightened optics, fan, stabilizer

Term of performance from 0 to 15 personal rank: from 3 to 7 days.
Term of performance of 3-4 ranks of cars per day
01.08.2020 12:12:38
Все отлично, взяли золотую лигу. Надежно и приятная цена, рекомендую.
31.07.2020 16:16:57
Очень быстро выполняют. Описание соответствует. Цены самые низкие. Рекомендую.
30.03.2020 1:04:18
Заказал все 3 дивизиона РБ, по результату был приятно удивлен все сделали быстро и загнали акк в золотую лигу водитель профи нет слов. Так же переписка с диспетчером очень понравилась, все рассказали и объяснили. Молодцы. Буду непременно еще обращаться.
15.11.2019 19:25:51
Замечательно! Заказал 3 ранга, выполнили в кратчайшие сроки, очень благодарен вашей команде, без вас возился бы очень долго)
13.11.2019 0:17:27
Все сделали быстро и результативно как и всегда! Работают профи, очень приятно с вами работать спасибо ребята)
11.11.2019 23:37:32
Отлично! Ранг подняли буквально за полчаса, буду брать еще!