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The unlock code (NCK code) allows you to unlock the phone MICROMAX Q415 to work with SIM cards of any other operators.

1. To get the unlock code from you you need to tell us the IMEI number of your device. IMEI smartphone can be found by typing on the smartphone combination: * # 06 #.
2. Pay for the goods (if you make payment through an external payment system and after the payment you have a "return to the seller" button - do not forget to press it), after completing the payment, fill out the registration form with email, your e-mail address (not to be confused with IMEI, it in this case is indicated immediately, before the payment is made).
3. After sending the data you entered - the unlock code will automatically appear in the paid items column (if after payment of the goods you did not see or accidentally missed the form to specify the email - follow the link in the letter from oplata.info, which you will receive immediately after payment) .
4. Insert the SIM card of another operator into the smartphone and enter the received unlock code. (If, when you turn on the phone with another sim, the code entry window is not displayed, then you need to connect to either the Internet network or Wi-fi and update the smartphone to the last official firmware after the restart, the code entry window will be available!)
5. If you entered the code without errors, the Micromax Q415 will immediately register in the network of the operator whose SIM card you have installed.
6. Do not forget to leave a review about the purchased product!

**************** DATE OF RECEIPING CODE 5 minutes - 6 working hours. *********************

Work hours are from 9-00 to 18-00 Moscow time. After this time and on Sunday the code MAY be processed a little longer, but the code will be, be sure.
The unlock code is sent to your e-mail address (e-mail).

************** UNLOCKING THE MICROMAX Q415 TELEPHONE **************
1. After receiving the NCK unlock code, insert the SIM card of another operator into the phone. (If the PIN on the SIM card is enabled, enter it.)
2. The window ("Enter NCK code") will appear and enter the received NCK code.
3. Confirm the input.
4. Congratulations! The phone was successfully unlocked.

Before making a purchase, it is highly recommended to check if the phone asks for the unlock code when a SIM card of another operator is installed in it.
When making a purchase you agree that the model of your phone MICROMAX Q415, as well as attempts to enter the unlock code, are not used up to zero.
If after the purchase of the code it turns out that attempts to enter the unlocking code are NOT ALREADY, the error when entering IMEI or in the model - funds are not refundable!
Code availability is guaranteed on the "factory" firmware.
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, in which you will have to fill out the following fields:
- The e-mail address (email);
- IMEI phone (dial * # 06 #); or under the phone´s battery;
These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the purchase and sale of the goods.
26.12.2019 8:22:33
14.11.2019 9:35:09
Код подошёл, но ждать пришлось почти сутки.
12.09.2018 19:39:32
Код пришел быстро,хоть и было не рабочее время, продавец общительный и легко идет на контакт.Всем советую данного продавца, заманчивые не только цена, но и скорость и четкость выполнения того, за что платишь. Всё работает и проходит с первого раза. Претензий никаких, одни позитивные эмоции.
04.09.2018 10:59:32
Все отлично. Код пришел быстро (примерно 10 мин). Телефон разблокирован.
18.07.2018 15:10:34
Все хорошо, советую, самая низкая цена на плати.ру!
08.07.2018 15:52:53
Все путем!
06.07.2018 11:43:56
отлично очень быстро
02.07.2018 7:44:55
Всем советую! Продавец работает оперативно, не прошло и 5ти минут как код получил)
02.07.2018 6:49:25
Через 2 минуты после оплаты был отправлен код, оперативней и быть не может, отличный продавец, советую!
23.03.2018 6:37:56
Очень быстро и дешевле чем у других