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Content: Азсуна Сурамар Штормхейм.bimsr (41.99 KB)
Uploaded: 31.03.2018

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Consolidated air route farm in three locations of the Legion (Asuna, Suramar, Stormheit). Very effective. Does not require the presence of the player, if install another route VPF (vendor, post office, farm), will farm around the clock. VPF will lay out the next product. Distances: Target-route-40, landing on mount-20
The route is already loaded with mobs under the skin collection if you want only farm herbs and ore, click ==> all (Clear the list with the selected mobs)
Bot collects all very high quality, the collection is obtained is different herbs so there is no blockage at the auction, due to the diversity of all sold out very quickly.
Consolidated farm ore grass leather in three locations Asuna Suramar Stornham. Aerial. Does not require the presence of the player.
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