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aVSA is the latest software with a built-in trading system based on the methodology (Volume Spread Analysis ) developed by VSA Academy specialists.
Designed for trading on any market in real time. This software is ideal for traders because of the fact that the
The full version is cross-platform and can be used in MT4.
The program works perfectly on any time schedule and can be used from 1 minute to annual charts. It does not matter what trading style you use.
The program is perfect for both a scalper and a position trader.
The unique development of VSA Academy programmers allows displaying sales/purchases of professionals inside each bar (the interest of professional money in the market movement in this direction) in real time.
Shows the key signs of Smart money on the chart in real time so that the investor knows where the big players are investing their capital and at what point the phase of distribution or accumulation by professionals begins.
aVSA is used in real time on the currency market, for trading futures and commodities.
The program automatically scans your chosen instruments in real time and gives a warning about the appeared point in the course of the transaction.

No need to know the VSA methodology;
A unique indicator of sales/purchases of professionals within each bar;
Unique built-in system for determining sales by professionals;
Unique built-in system for determining purchases by professionals;
Unique built-in system for determining the start point of the accumulation/distribution phase by professionals;
Stop management;
Integrated volume and spread analysis indicators ( 120 indicators);
Optimization is not required;
Works for scalping, positional trading and swing trading;
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