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FOR WINDOWS OS, 1 device

System requirements:
- OS - Windows 7/8/10
- CPU - Pentium 4 or higher
- RAM - 1GB or higher
- HDD - 3.5GB or higher
- Display - Optimal 1280 * 1024, Minimum 1024 * 768

The Thinkfree office NEO software allows you to create and edit professional documents on a computer with all the tools you need. The application is compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Office, and also supports open document formats (ODT / ODS / ODP). Thinkfree office NEO detects malicious codes before working with documents.

Advantages of Thinkfree office NEO:

Target platform
Compatible with applications for mobile devices and the network.

PDF conversion to Office documents
The ability to open a PDF file and edit as a document, spreadsheet or presentation.

No additional links to external services when editing documents that are stored in your network application.

Main features of Thinkfree office NEO:

Text editor

Unlimited application speed when loading third-party documents
Track changes and memos for collaborators
Many available styles and formats for work
Ability to insert a table, graphs, WordArt objects, formulas and other elements
Built-in formula editors with full Office integration
The ability to open PDF files as editable documents


Supports all Excel formulas and functions.
Extended graphics, pivot tables, conditional formats
Sparkline and various other data analysis tools you know.
Support for macros (VBA) created in Excel
SAP data collection support
Ability to open PDF files as editable tables


Ability to insert a table, graphics, WordArt objects, multimedia and other elements
A wide range of effects for animation and slide change.
Powerpoint Compatibility
Built-in photo album wizard
Skin support with full Office integration
The ability to open PDF files as editable presentations

Supported document formats:

Text editor
- Microsoft Word (* .doc, * .docx)
- Text (* .txt)
- ODF (* .odt)
- PDF documents (* .pdf) etc

- Microsoft Excel (* .xlsx, * .xls, * .xlsm, * .xltx, * .xltm, * .xlt)
- ODF (* .ods)
- Text (* .txt, * .csv, * .prn)
- Document Network (* .htm, * .html)
- Documents PDF & PDF / A (* .pdf), etc.

- Microsoft Powerpoint (* .pptx, * .ppt, * .potx, * .ppsx)
- ODF (* .odp)
- Documents PDF & PDF / A (* .pdf)
- Images (* .gif, * .jpg, * .png, * .bmp, * .tif), etc.
09.03.2020 20:29:49
Всё нормуль, работает
30.09.2019 16:44:31
Ключ пришёл мгновенно, активировался без проблем. Отличная альтернатива MS Office для дома, рекомендую. Особенно за такие деньги :)

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