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Powerful bot for Lineage 2 Revolution
The bot will clean up all the dungeons, complete story, daily, weekly and scroll quests, fight in the arena and go to farm. You just have to play for fun.
TryMovie L2R Bot will automatically restart Nox and enter the game in the event of a crash, then send the character to farm one of your chosen points in the elite dungeon or field.
To work the bot does not require an active window. Run any number of Nox App Player and Trumovie L2R Bot and go about their business, while your character grows.

Bot features:
1. Automatic execution of story quests
2. Automatic execution of scrolls quests
3. Automatic execution of daily quests
4. Automatic execution of weekly quests
5. Automatic passage of the daily dungeon
6. Automatically walk through the floors of Tower Of Insolence and/or collect rewards
7. Automatic collection of flowers in Extraction Pit
8. Automatic search and passage of the Temple Guardian
9. Automatic search and completion of Summoning Circle
10. Automatic passage of Adena Vault
11. Automatic passage of the dungeon experience with the movement of the character to the point of respawn buffs
12. Automatic passage of the arena with the ability to select the position
13. Automatically join the farming stones summon during the farming of normal or elite monsters
14. Automatic sale of items during the farming of normal or elite monsters
15. Automatic character resurrection after death
16. The ability to set a delay before resurrection (so that the fuses are not drained by cd)
17. Automatic channel change
18. Screenshots are automatically saved if the character is killed by a player with the nickname of the killer. Also the screenshots are saved after completing the dungeons and Summoning Stones
19. Background mode
20. Profile system
21. A powerful antiban system
22. Automatic event checking
23. Return to the point of the farm after a given time
24. Russian and English languages ​​of the bot
25. Equipment level auto-boost
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