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The process of unlocking the smartphone ZTE Blade A5 Pro Megaphone
************************************************** *****
1. Write us IMEI of the first slot of your smartphone (you can see it on a sticker under the battery or by typing * # 06 # in your phone).
2. Insert the SIM card in the first slot that is different from the native operator Megaphone (Beeline, MTS, Tele2, etc.)
3. If you have a PIN code request on your SIM card, enter it.
4. In the appeared network code request window, enter the received unlock code.
5. Confirm the entry.
6. The phone is successfully unlocked. Repeat the procedure with the second slot.
Before making a purchase, it is strongly recommended to check whether the phone asks for an unlock code when a SIM card of another operator is installed in it.
By making a purchase, you agree that the model of your phone ZTE Blade A5 Pro Megaphone as well as attempts to enter the code are not all spent.
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