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Toward the end of the 21st century, the effects of climate change destroyed the world, and a military organization called The Collective spread throughout the globe. It´s time to join the resistance movement and join the battle! Create your own grouping in a new real-time strategy and fight in a single and multiplayer game, as well as in fight modes. You are not only a commander, but also an engineer: you have complete control over the troops, factories, armaments and the economy of your group. Modify and develop the blueprints, creating more and more sophisticated factories and troops for your group. Between missions on a branched technology tree, the components necessary for designing combat units are opened. The more technology you learn, the more complex and more powerful your projects become. For resources gained in battle, you can unlock new features in the technology tree and choose archetypes, armor, propulsion, weapons and special abilities, including disguise and restoration.

Make your grouping unique! In the end, you will be available the most powerful options, including several types of super-weapons, which will bring death to your enemies.

Create your own grouping.
Modify combat units (infantry, light and heavy equipment, aircraft) with the help of various types of weapons, chassis and propulsion. On lightweight equipment, you can install recovering armor, and on aviation - anti-tank gun. Adapt to any situation and to any adversary. A tree of technologies. Each battle won in each mode contributes to the development of your grouping technologies in different directions, and with the development of the technology tree, drawings are unlocked. A dynamic plot campaign. The resistance movement needs you to create a force to be reckoned with. Complete an exciting storyline campaign: The Collective is an increasing threat. Can you adapt and reflect it? A multiplayer game over the Internet. Multiple multiplayer game modes on dedicated servers with support for up to eight people; Tactical interaction and confrontation of players are possible.
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