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This material is available only in Grand Theft Auto Online, and is labeled “FREE” in the game. It has no exchange value (the same applies to transport). After installation, launch GTA Online and follow the instructions to get your items in game stores and on websites. The “Criminal Organization” starter kit is a quick way to build a criminal empire in GTA Online. Do not buy if you already have this kit. You will get access to popular GTA Online materials: real estate, weapons, vehicles and other goods with a total value of more than 10,000,000 GTA $ .Key Features

The “Criminal Organization” starter kit is the fastest way for new players to build their own criminal empire in Grand Theft Auto Online. Do not purchase this product if you already have the “Criminal Organization” starter kit. You will get access to the most interesting and popular GTA Online materials, including real estate, enterprises, weapons, vehicles and other goods with a total value of more than 10 000 000 GTA $. Launch business projects from your office in the western Maze Bank building, create powerful weapons in an underground bunker in Paleto, or drive through the streets on the most different vehicles, including supercars, motorcycles, Dune FAV with weapons, etc. d. Also, you will get 1 0 00 000 GTA dollars and powerful weapons. All this will help you become the most important in Los Santos and Blaine County. The “Criminal Organization” starter kit with access to Grand Theft Auto Online gives you a property worth more than 10,000,000 GTA $: 1,000,000 GTA $ in cash

Real Estate: Western office in the tower Maze Bank
Bunker in the forest of Palette for the arms trade
Printing Workshop for the production of counterfeit banknotes in the Senora Desert
Clubhouse at the Great Chaparral
Apartment at San Vitas Street, 1561
Garage for 10 cars at Excepcionalist Way, 1337
Technique: Dune FAV
Maibatsu frogger
Enus windsor
Obey omnis
Coquette classic
Turismo r
Pegassi vortex
Huntley s
Helicopter western zombie
Weapons, clothing and tattoos: Crop Grenade Launcher
Precision rifle
Shortened rifle
Suits: stunt and "import / export", biker tattoos
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