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With WooCommerce subscriptions, you can create and manage products with recurring payments. They allow you to enter various subscriptions to physical or virtual products and services. The plugin supports various subscription options for services daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You can also add a registration fee to a subscription or even a free trial version with a validity period.

What does the WooCommerce subscription plugin support?
Various payment schedules available according to your needs.
Convenient automatic payments with support for 25 payment gateways
Supports payments when updating manually through any payment gateway, as well as automatic mail accounts and receipts
Supports automatic repetition of failed periodic payments, so you will not lose revenue
Ability for subscribers to manage their own plan, including updating or downgrading it, without having to wait for help from you
Built-in renewal notifications and automated emails let you and your customers know when subscription payments were processed
Detailed reports allow you to track revenue, number of active subscribers and other financial statistics.

WooCommerce subscription features
Free trial and registration fees

Set an initial amount to account for product installation costs, or allow customers to try the product first by adding registration fees and free trial versions to any subscription product.

Subscription Management

Store owners receive full-featured subscription management through the WooCommerce administration screen> Subscriptions.

You can pause or cancel a subscription, change the trial period, add products, shipping, charges or taxes, or change the recurring amount for future payments.

Synchronized payments

If you want to accept payments on specific days of the month or to align all customers for membership, you can use the synchronization feature to extend the subscription.

Flexible product options

When you create a subscription product, you can make the product downloadable, virtual, or physical, and renewal payments weekly, monthly, or annually. You can limit the product to one download and even charge you only once.

Subscription Coupons
Offer customers a discount on their monthly payments or just the registration fee. Subscriptions include both recurring discount coupons and registration coupons.

Subscription variables
Create variable subscription products and let your customers choose a subscription that fits their needs. You can even allow customers to choose their own billing schedule.

Account Management

Your customers can also manage their subscriptions. On the My Account> View Subscriptions page, subscribers can pause or cancel a subscription, change the shipping address or payment method for future renewals, renew or downgrade their subscription.

Subscription increase / decrease
Allow customers to update, downgrade or cross-compare between different subscription products. With flexible options for recurring amount, cost of registration and duration. You can also customize the cost of switching to a new subscription product in accordance with the needs of your store.

Multiple subscriptions
Your customers can also purchase different subscription products in a single transaction, and the plugin combines products to reduce fees for payment systems and logistics costs for their future renewals.

Customer Letters
Automatically notify customers of the need to renew a subscription, cancel a subscription, or expiration of a subscription using built-in templates.
You get a localization file, which must be placed in the plug-in directory or in the localpress directory.
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