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A must-have extension for every WooCommerce store!

A search engine for your store helps your customers quickly find and buy the right products.

Plugin Functions

Live search

Allows customers to find products by type, content in titles, text, tags, showing pricing information, and a button to add a product directly to the cart. While visitors search for products by keywords, price range, categories, tags, or any other product attributes, live real-time filters show updated results on the store page. A real-time search field allows customers to find products and buy products in an instant — find, click and buy.

Query statistics

Get information about what your visitors are looking for in the store. View real-time product search history and improve marketing results. The plug-in reports will help you identify which products your visitors are looking for and which are not.

New search algorithms

The search engine provides the best search results on the front and back of the store. Advanced plug-in algorithms are easily integrated with your store and administration panel. The search index will automatically index all products in the store and contain information on all recent changes. Even when you add, modify, or delete products and their associated attributes, your store will be fully indexed and products will be ready to be searched.

Attractive search

Ability to create an attractive search for your customers: you can add thumbnails used with filters for product categories, tags and attributes. Filter by color, size, brand, showing actual color, tags and logos.

Exact Search Results

Keyword matching searches represent more relevant results for your customers. The relevance of product search results in the store has been improved thanks to powerful management tools that introduce search weights. The search plugin seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce store and WordPress toolbar.

Of the important business information provided in his search reports for optimizing search results on an internal product based on a search engine extension, this important tool provides everything you need to manage.

Setup Wizard

The built-in wizard allows you to add product filter widgets to the side panels. It shows you which filters are already present, and offers to add those that are not. Just click and configure them later if necessary.

Support shortcodes

All real-time search tools are available as short WordPress codes. In addition to them, the plugin includes tools for providing search results on any page, which allows you to create specialized store pages.


The extension integrates with many popular themes and in most cases does not require CSS adjustments. To make things very easy for you, the plugin includes a section in which you can add your own CSS rules.

API integration

As with widgets and shortcodes, we provide a very easy-to-use API that gives you access to all the search and filtering tools you can include in templates.
You get a localization file that you need to put in the plug-in directory or a localpress directory, for example
plugins \ woocommerce-product-search \ languages
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