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The process of placing an order in WooCommerce does not allow adding any option to the product being purchased. But what if your store offers additional services or products only when placing an order? This is where the plugin add-on to the WooCommerce order will help you. This extension allows you to add several additional options to the checkout page and determine which ones can be offered for free and which for a fee. You can also sort and filter orders based on new order parameters.

Additions to the WooCommerce order will allow you to charge for additional services, such as order fulfillment at an accelerated time or gift wrapping, to add a sticker on the product or its insurance. The extension allows you to easily add several types of fields to the checkout page, including text fields, text areas, drop-down lists, multi-select, radio buttons, checkbox, multi-checkbox, and file downloads.

Checkout Samples for WooCommerce Checkout
Additions to the order WooCommerce is great for adding any field, but it can also be used to add paid services both together and separately.
Managing fields is very simple - add a field name, set its descriptive label for the checkout page, determine the field type and specify whether the parameters should add value to the order or be taxed. You can also determine whether or not to display this information on the Orders page and make it sorted or filtered.

What settings can be made in the extension?
Add fields for additional services and products
Add field costs or selected options
Use commissions based on quantity or percentage
Apply costs based on options.
Dynamically update information about the order and its total amount on the checkout page depending on the changed or selected parameters
Saves the selected parameters and downloads, even if customers are viewing the question from the statement!
WooCommerce subscription support - add-on to add a one-time payment to the original purchase
Allow administrators and customers to view order settings
Support for expanding the checkout page on a single page
Ability to disable new fields for viewing on the "Orders" page
Sorting or filtering orders based on new fields
Binding to order management
Using WooCommerce add-ons, you can easily view orders with validation fields, filter or sort orders using these fields, and view all selected settings in order details. Customers can also view any paid add-ons when viewing their own orders, as they are added as line items.

Any added fields will be displayed to the administrator and the client at checkout and in the details of the order.

Upcell products and services
Using add-on extensions, you can sell additional products and services or collect the information you need for each order, such as downloading files for printing companies. Add fields for licenses or taxes, distribute or sell product samples, offer additional services, ensure file downloads and much more!
You get a localization file, which must be placed in the plug-in directory or in the localpress directory.
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