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Defeat famous opponents in musical fights. Immerse yourself in the wonderful, adventurous story of Frederick. Try to catch all the jokes and parodies hiding in the background. Improve your skills until you become a master of piano. The world of music is again under threat! The art of creating music from the heart that touches you to the depths of your soul can be completely destroyed! The forces of evil, victory over which was given to us with great difficulty, have returned!
They are even more desperate and more powerful. Therefore, you need to once again enter the role of Fryderyk Chopin and meet face to face with opponents who have only one simple goal - to enslave the world of music, to produce a bunch of soulless, identical radio hits, earning a lot of money and at the same time destroying all creativity.

10 challenging musical fights with the most famous stars of pop music.
10 wonderful, easy to remember melodies, created on the basis of the work of Frederic Chopin and other famous composers.
A tangled story full of hints, parodies and absurd turns of events.
Mastering the rules of the game is incredibly easy, but to become a master is extremely difficult.
Hand-drawn cartoon comics.
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