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Frog Climbers is a team game about frogs that climb to the top of the mountain.
Why do they need it, do not ask. And the whole problem is that there is only room for one frog! Frog Climbers is a team game where you and friends play as climbing frogs who fight for the mountain, whoever comes first on top won the game, and to win you should use all the tricks you have in stock. Catch with your friends over the mountain and start to fight on the way up, use your buddies as a ladder on the way to glory.
Everything is fair in love and ... start climbing the mountain, but first you need to buy Frog Climbers. Climb up the clutches, dangle from dangerous vines and throw yourself from spinning wheels in more than two hundred and sixty mountain combinations. Play with three friends or alone! Local support from one to four players. Customize your ascents with four game modifiers that change the rules of the game.
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