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Offering a package of your products at a bargain price is the easiest way to achieve good sales in any store — and research has proven this in various business areas — physical products, digital downloads or memberships.

We all packaged groceries when we go shopping for food. Even when we don´t want them; we bought either a larger quantity or several sets of products.

How can chain products help sell products?
Chained Products is the best WooCommerce extension to create pre-configured product packages and offerings. When someone buys your main product, he automatically gets all the "chains". You can create a set of several simple or variable products and combine as many products as you like. Or give additional products for free (as a gift) when you buy the main product. You can even chain multiple products to create massive combined deals.

5 steps to create related products
Choose the products you want to combine - more or more products
Package discount - simple mental math must prove that this is an irresistible offer.
Describe the value - buying this combo will benefit customers
Visibly demonstrate your kit - and invite people to buy a kit instead of a single product.
Create a shortage for additional exposure - time, inventory or usage limits work fine
What´s new in chain products?
Previously, the prices of chain products were set to zero by default, and only the price of the main product was applicable. But now you can customize related products at an individual price. All you need to do is check the box "Price individually" for this product. Refer to this document for setup: Customizing products with an individual value chain.

Why do chain products produce stellar results?
Of course, there is the “more money return” aspect. But bundles of products in chains also provide the opportunity to cross-sell "works great with" and "get add-ons with the main product for free." They trigger the fundamental behavior of a person to select an item with a higher perceived value.

Plus: the product chain works great because it allows you to create pre-configured product packages and gifts. Customers do not get confused when choosing a complete set and focus their attention on the value that the package creates for them. This improves conversion rates and significantly increases total sales.

How does Chained Products handle the bundle / gift?
Edit the product and go to the "Related Products" tab.
Tie as many products as you like to create a package. You can choose the options and even choose the quantity.
Thus, you can create both packages and wholesale offers of discounts - “Buy one, get one” / “Buy 1, get X” / “Buy X for $$”
Now you can either set a price for your main product, or customize product chains for individual pricing.
When people add the main product to the basket, the main product and all related products with customized prices will be displayed in the basket. Zero, if the price is individually disabled, otherwise - the price of the product in the chain.
When the order is paid, Chained Products also takes care of inventory management and access to digital downloads.

The full description of the plugin is on the developer’s site https://woocommerce.com/products/chained-products/
You get a translation file of the plugin with instructions for its Russification. The plugin itself should be available
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