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Development conditions: speed, security of the script, automation of the whole process.
As a result, your TPL-template maker is used, the main points of the game are written using PDO, resource-intensive pages (drawing a map, for example) use Memcached.
The system of social functions - dialogs, BB and smiles, lists of friends and ignore, forum and chat (the latter uses Ajax, posts "appear" without refreshing the page).
The monetization system - the purchase of "buns", the end of the construction of buildings, artifacts and more.
More than 35 buildings, a system of seizures and oases, more than 40 types of units, forges for improving attack and defense, arenas for speed, military alliances with diplomacy.
It is a mobile analogue of travian.
The development of the game took about a year and $ 3000.
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