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Carmageddon is the original racing game that caused a sensation, where pedestrians (and cows!) Bring points, and your rivals bring a bunch of psychos on insane killing machines. In this game you can go wherever you want, anarchy reigns here and the level of unreal comedic violence prevails. This is a racing game where racing is for wimps.

Now the classic game for Mac & PC, which has been FORBIDDEN ALL OVER THE WORLD is back.

In Carmageddon you are waiting for realistic landscapes that will become your hunting grounds - the locals who wander the streets are doomed. Your car itself is a weapon, besides, at each level, bonuses are generously scattered with various insane effects, raising the insanity of what is happening to a new level! In each race you can win as you want. Destroy all rivals, kill every single pedestrian, or (off, seditious thought!) Go through all the circles of the race. Oh yeah, and don´t get caught by the cops - they patrol the streets on their heavy duty armored cars, and if they catch you for violations, they will crouch on your heels like a real pack of cops!
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