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For The Glory: A Europa Universalis Game (Steam Key) @ Region free

Take the reins of the country in your hands, conduct domestic and foreign policy, direct thousands of historical events, participate in various conflicts and lead your people to prosperity - all in the name of glory! For the Glory gives a complete immersion in history thanks to more than ten thousand historically accurate events. Stand at the head of the powerful Habsburg Empire, aggressive Sweden or Portuguese seamen. Build your empire, trading, negotiating, establishing colonies and fighting. Interact with real historical events and personalities in order to determine which way your power will go. The story has not yet been written, and may a wise leader decide to follow an already known path, you also have the opportunity to try your luck and change the course of events.

Game features:
You can play as one of 180 countries on a map showing the whole world.
The time interval from 1419 to 1819.
Experience unprecedented immersion in history thanks to more than ten thousand historical events.
Incredible availability of modifications: the lack of a time frame and up to a thousand countries.
Improved and modernized interface.
Adapt your style of play.
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