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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$500 the discount is 20%

Immediately after payment, you get access (username and password) to a shared account with licensed game.

Game on account:

Game-Garant - your reliable guide to the world of games since 2015 🏅

✅ 5000+ positive reviews 
✅ More than 90% of customers become our regular customers

⭐ Access to account remains forever
⭐ Lifetime guarantee
⭐ Delivery in one second
⭐ Discounts for regular customers
⭐ Permanent technical support
⭐ Only legal products from the official Microsoft store
​​​​​​​​​​​⭐ Security code in 3 minutes! 🚀 - the code provides by the seller, if you need it when logging in to account

🎁 Cashback - after purchasing and positive review, you will automatically receive a gift card

How to add a profile to your Xbox One console:
1) Click "Add a new player", enter the data (username and password)
2) Then you may be asked for a confirmation code. To get the code, write to the seller
3) The  login and security Parameters - put "No barriers"
4) Go to "My games and apps" or " Xbox Store"
5) Install the game
6) have a Nice game! 🎮

How to use our accounts:

Option 1 (online)
1. Log in to the purchased account
2. Switch to your main account and start the game
3. Click on the window that appears that says "Play here instead" (this window does not always appear)
4. Wait a few seconds and LOG OUT OF THE PURCHASED ACCOUNT (press the center button, select the purchased account and press "SIGN OUT")
5. If the game is not minimized to the main screen, you can play!
6. If the game is minimized to the main screen. Repeat the steps: enter the purchased account, start the game, LOG OUT IMMEDIATELY FROM THE PURCHASED ACCOUNT
Usually, for the 2nd or 3rd time, the game is no longer minimized and you remain in the game. Game time two hours

Option 2 (offline)
1. Log in to the purchased account
2. Switch to your main account and start the game
3. Click on the window that appears that says "Play here instead" (this window does not always appear)
4. After the game has started, disconnect from the Internet (settings — network settings - go offline). You can play without time limits

The gameplay will be saved to your personal account.

- To start the game, you must have the Internet
- Not all games work in offline mode (for example, games that require a permanent connection to servers)
- Additional mail is not provided
- The seller is not responsible for system updates to the console that may cause changes in the operation of the shared account

- Go to the site (for security reasons)
- Make account home in the console settings
- Play with the purchased account (the purchased account is only needed to start the game)
- Change information on the profile
- Transfer data from account to third parties

If you violation of these rules you will lose access to account without refund!

By purchasing an account, you automatically agree to the seller´s term and the terms of use described in the instructions.
21.10.2020 14:04:45
Очень честный продавец быстро отвечаешь и помогает +++++
03.10.2020 10:02:43
Всё топ
27.07.2020 10:30:30
This man NUmber OnE
19.07.2020 14:31:20
13.07.2020 14:16:05
Аккаунт рабочий, все хорошо
27.06.2020 20:47:12
Спасибо продавцу. Всё отлично.
16.06.2020 21:47:54
10.06.2020 13:32:52
Всё отлично. 5 баллов продавцу!
01.03.2020 23:50:54
Продовец отвественый и всегда поможить ришить проблему,оброщяйтесь )
26.02.2020 22:20:57
Nice, thx

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