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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$3 the discount is 1%
$20 the discount is 2%
$50 the discount is 3%
$100 the discount is 4%
$250 the discount is 5%
$800 the discount is 6%
$1400 the discount is 7%
$2000 the discount is 8%
$3000 the discount is 9%
$5000 the discount is 10%

A promo code for 90 Bulgarian levs, provided that you spend 30 levs

The amount of 90 BGN will be credited to the account within 5 days (usually less than a day) from the moment of registration of the expense 30 BGN
In other words, by spending 30 of yours, you will receive a bonus of 90

The promo code can be used by new Google Ads (AdWords) customers in accounts no older than 14 days from the date of registration.
Do not break the general Adwords rules and everything will be OK, my coupons will not be banned. Official source.
Enter into your account within 15 days after purchase.

The terms are described below in the original language, you can translate into any language convenient for you by any online translator.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

Get a BGN 90 advertising credit,* * after you spend BGN 30.

* General Terms and Conditions for this offer:
1. The offer is only available for customers with a billing address in Bulgaria. Each advertiser is provided with one promo code.
2. To participate in this offer, you must enter the code within 14 days after your first ad impression is shown on your first ad account.
3. To get credit: After entering the code, your ad campaigns must accumulate expenses of at least BGN 30 tax-free for 30 days. A BGN 30 payment is not enough. Tracking ad spending to reach BGN 30 starts after the code is entered.
4. After 2 and 3 are completed, the credit is usually applied to the billing summary information in your account within 5 days.
5. Credits apply only to future advertising expenses. They cannot be applied to expenses accumulated before the code was introduced.
6. You will not receive a notification when your credit runs out, and you will pay for additional advertising costs using the payment method you have chosen. If you don´t want to continue advertising, you can pause or delete your campaigns at any time.
7. Your account must have been successfully removed from advertising and still be in good condition to be eligible for advertising credit.
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