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Attention! Activation requires the main game Gas Guzzlers Extreme.

Zombie apocalypse has descended into the high-octane universe of Gas Guzzlers Extreme! This is usually terrible news for humanity, but not in our case! Armed to the teeth in your clunker, with the help of a lot of crazy amplifiers in each arena, you can render more than decent resistance to the hordes of the undead. But be careful, these brain-eaters will fight back, and they will have their own weapons, besides hitting too many of them your wheels will slip from the blood, and you will have an unplanned buffet! Full Metal Zombie DLC is played as a completely new game ! In it, you will find a cloud of new content, such as Ragdoll physics, artificial intelligence of zombies, blood and parts of bodies flying everywhere. Immerse yourself in the world of zombies carrying pleasure! `
Gas Guzzlers Extreme (Steam key) @ RU - - > https://digirom.ru/itm/2664210
Gas Guzzlers Extreme: Full Metal Frenzy (Steam) @ RU - - > https://digirom.ru/itm/2664523
Gas Guzzlers Extreme: Full Metal Zombie (Steam) @ RU - - > https://digirom.ru/itm/2664524
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