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Magnificent ironic RPG-strategy about superheroes. Yes, it is about superheroes, but not about those whose names are constantly on the ear. As you know, in the history of comics there are two "centuries", denoted by the names of noble metals - "gold" and "silver." The first is at the turn of the 30s-40s of the 20th century, when the Marvel and DC companies still exist, such heroes as Superman, Batman, Flash, as well as Prince Namor and Captain America appeared. The Silver Age falls on the beginning of the 60s and is characterized by the dominance of Marvel - it was then that Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk, Phantom Horseman, Daredevil and many other heroes were created. And what lies between them? What happened to the comics from the second half of the 40s to the end of the 50s? The heroes of those years, as well as the "spirit" of those comic books, are not so well known to the current generation ... And this time itself was far from rosy in the USA - the mass hysteria of the "witch hunt", the population’s fear of the "Red menace" arms race, rampant ku-klux-clan, participation in local conflicts in Asia and the ominous ghosts of the new world war and the atomic, and then the hydrogen bomb
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