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Giana Sisters: Rise of the Owlverlord (Steam key) @ RU

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord is an exciting and dynamic platformer in which you can transform the world around you at any time. The game includes seven new levels, an exciting fight with the boss Filistelynom and also new compositions from Chris Helsbek and Machinae Supremacy! In this fast-paced platformer, you will sweep through the intricate levels, changing the world around you at will. Rise of the Owlverlord combines stunning graphics and extremely precise control with the level of complexity typical of retro platformers. Smooth switching between two alternative worlds will help in solving puzzles and fighting opponents. Sweet Gian easily avoids danger and eludes enemies using a graceful pirouette jump. But as soon as she reincarnated into her dark look of Punk Jian, the brute force of destructive dash attacks comes to the rescue. As such, it can destroy any obstacles in its path!

Game features
Original abilities: how Jiana travels the world of dreams depends largely on her desires and moods. Having met an obstacle in the way, she can either break it into pieces, or gracefully flip it over. The choice is yours.
Intuitive control and intuitive gameplay: managing Gian is very easy and convenient, however, to overcome all difficulties, you will have to actively use the entire arsenal of techniques known to the heroine.
Amazing worlds: the world of dreams is made using gorgeous three-dimensional graphics and is transformed so effectively that it seems alive!
Interactive environment: the world surrounding Jian is changing with her. You can fly in bubbles from chewing gum, run along conveyor belts, jump on springs and even ride a turtle.
The legendary soundtrack from Chris Helsbek and Machinae Supremacy!
Exciting journey and new discoveries: the game features 7 levels. Each dream world can be transformed into one of two states and filled with lots of secret areas.
Epic boss battle: Jiane will have to defeat Filinotelina, the two-faced owl of the companion will turn into a Pirate and Ninju. Be careful, he is armed with asterisks and cannon balls!
Unrealistically difficult "hardcore" modes: the "Hardcore" and "Uber-hardcore" modes are waiting for all players who want to become real game masters and all those who are probably insane.
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