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You get access to a public account in OFFLINE mode.

What do you get after payment? :
- After the purchase you get a login and password to the account with a licensed game.
- You can play the game only in OFFLINE! Any network functions of the game in this mode are not available.
- The purchased game is constantly updated by the publisher
- Access to the Steam account is available to other buyers.
- Help and maintenance of the account if necessary
- There is no possibility to change data and share games on the account
- Account is protected by STEAM GUARD
- Access to the account offered by me is not limited in time.

Instructions on how to activate the game:
1. Download Steam-client from the official site -
2. Install Steam-client (if not already installed)
3. Log in to the account using the data provided (if you need a GUARD code for entry - contact the seller in the correspondence under the purchase ...)
4. Download game files
5. Start the game online for 1 minute and then exit.
6. Enter offline mode (upper left corner -> Steam -> Go Offline ..)
7. You can play!

P.S. Activation flies when you change / update Windows, as well as when you go online. Changing any components of the PC leads to a rush of activation. In case of a problem, write to the seller under the purchase.
- Account for use only in offline mode.
- The transfer of account data to other persons is prohibited.
- Any change to account data is strictly prohibited.
- One activation - 1PK.
- We do not provide a refund for the purchased goods.
- Before ordering offline activation check for the minimum requirements of your computer in the game you are interested in. If your computer does not meet the minimum requirements of the game, then we are not responsible for the goods you purchase.
- Any failure to comply with these conditions will entail a denial of service without refund for the purchase.
- If you do not agree with the rules described above - please do NOT buy this product.
24.07.2022 13:22:09
Продавец быстро отвечает! Все хорошо.
10.03.2022 20:01:29
So good
03.01.2022 19:03:00
instant steam guard code lol
15.12.2021 11:54:40
продавец быстро ответил, если покупать в стиме, получается ппц дорого, все круто!
23.09.2021 22:36:45
Without a doubt, he is the fastest to answer.
The truth is that it is very worth buying in this place.
13.08.2021 21:56:09
epic working
16.12.2020 13:51:13

Good, fast, reliable.
18.08.2020 23:52:38
Продавец замечательный!
Всем рекомендую.
30.04.2020 17:00:46
Отлично всё работает! Купил 20 дней назад и когда переустановил Windows, Steam заново попросил "Guard Code" и продавец повторно отправил код без отказа. Всем нужны такие продавцы
27.03.2020 2:51:43
Идеально!!! Все как и написано! Советую
14.03.2020 22:47:55
Very very very helpful man,? like it,thank you
14.02.2020 1:44:36
03.01.2020 10:02:23
25.11.2019 3:30:27
Ill give t positive, but I misread the product description so it wasn´t what i expected.
24.11.2019 18:08:04
28.09.2019 11:48:56
Great, fast.
12.09.2019 13:19:49
Аккаунт работает, все хорошо.
09.09.2019 0:53:39
Steam guard was on it. Right away he gave me the code in PM´s. +rep
16.08.2019 19:27:57
one of the best sellers
12.08.2019 20:47:53
Всё отлично !

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