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After payment, you get a 100% work account with the game Dead by Daylight, you will be the first owner of this account, there will be no hours spent, returns and problems, as the accounts are registered personally by us and transferred into one hand. </ delivery>When you buy our product, you can be sure that you will receive a Steam account:
- No regional restrictions (Steam Region Free; Global account; Worldwide)
- The phone is not attached.
- Mail is confirmed, you can change to your own. (Mail included!)
- Steam Guard -OFF </ delivery>All accounts are registered by us and the games are also purchased manually. No returns and replacements can not be because we are confident in our product. Unlike many offers on the market, we do not sell accounts of dubious origin, only personal ones. </ Delivery>attentionAbout the game: </ attention>
Dead by Daylight is a massively multiplayer horror mode (4 vs 1), where one player assumes the role of a fierce Killer, and four other players are Survivors, trying to escape from the killer.

Survivors play from a third party and have an advantage in situational awareness. The killer plays in the first person and is more focused on his prey.

The goal of the Survivors in each game is to try not to catch the Assassin, and to escape from the place of the killings — this sounds simpler than it really is, especially when the situation changes in each game. </ Delivery>
22.08.2020 16:15:12
Works perfect 100% i recommend it.
20.08.2020 3:33:38
Сразу получил аккаунт и почту, сменил все за 5 минут, буду брать еще
03.11.2019 22:03:57
15.09.2019 19:03:27
08.08.2019 23:45:20
Купил еще! Спасибо
08.08.2019 23:13:17
Четко. купил 5 аков