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Enter the gates of Fort Boyard and complete the challenges! Enter Fort Boyards and challenge yourself in more than 10 trials combining action and social game genres! Endurance, dexterity and perseverance - these are your main trump cards in order to collect coins-bajars. Fort Boyard - as if you had been there: "In this stone vessel, as if sailing on sea waves, you will feel the excitement of the teams that set foot on the Fort land Boyard! Try your hand at each test of the Fort, go through all the stages alone or in multiplayer mode and collect all the keys that will lead you to the treasure.
Your turn! Collect as many baiyars as possible.
"Basic data:
- Number of players: from 1 to 4
- Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
A game:
- 4 characters to play for
- 12 tests
Single tests:
- 4 keys to collect
- 4/5 test
- 4 trials to collect tips
Multiplayer tests: - 2 modes: "coop" and "opposition"
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