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The site is an electronic questionnaire in which the user who wants to insure his vehicle, enters the data necessary for the registration of the CTP policy. After successfully completing the questionnaire, the user will see a message about the successful sending of data to receive insurance and the text: "Within a few hours I will inform you about the result of registration to your e-mail or send SMS-ku."

The data is sent by e-mail to your mail, you insure the user´s vehicle, then notify him about it.

The basic idea: to save you from the lengthy process of collecting information from the user´s documents. All the necessary data is entered by the user. You will only need to copy the data on the website of the insurance company and complete the insurance process. It is very convenient!

Such a site is useful for insurance agents, self-employed citizens who can earn money on accepting applications for issuing electronic CTP policies from individuals who for some reason cannot issue an electronic policy on their own.

The form is very convenient for filling, interactive and has protection against filling errors.
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