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Promo code without id. You don´t need to request anything. For new domains
I provide assistance in transferring an advertising campaign and passing Moderation. Write to the contacts from my profile. https://digirom.ru/seller/867956
For a review, a discount of 100p. Promo code for previously un-advertised domains.
After the purchase, you will receive a promo code with a face value of 10000 rubles, without the risk of zeroing out.
The promo code is valid until 31.12.2021

You can activate the promo code as a physical person. person paying by any bank card, webmoney, paypal.
Payment from a legal entity also works.
Activate the promo code (coupon sixteen zlachny), top up for 8 000r + 1600 VAT and get 18,000 rubles on the balance
I provide assistance in transferring an advertising campaign and passing Moderation. Write to any contacts from my profile.

Ps: If you want us to inform you about sales-write in a personal message how you can be contacted.

Do not violate the Yandex User Agreement and everything will be OK. Our coupons are not banned.
Now you need to use only 1 new domain on 1 account - the domain for which you activated the bonus
Instruction manual:
1) You need to create a new account on direct.yandex.ru
2) Create an RC for a new domain and submit it for moderation.
3) After passing moderation, go to payment - pay 8 000 + 1600 rubles (VAT), and in the "promo code" field activate the coupon, and get a balance of 18,000 rubles
23.09.2021 20:59:22
Всё ок !
30.08.2021 10:13:14
Промокод рабочий, все прошло хорошо.
14.08.2021 16:46:34
Все ок
26.03.2021 14:49:18
19.02.2021 16:36:45
все ок
22.12.2020 18:18:07
Купил id промокода, сейчас запустим
07.12.2020 12:39:57
Оперативно отвечает.
21.10.2020 18:06:55
Все отлично!
13.09.2020 19:28:51
Все сработало, спасибо
06.09.2020 10:35:13

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