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After payment you will receive a 100% working account with the game Bully: Scholarship Edition, you will be the first owner of this account, there will be no simulated hours, returns and problems, since the accounts are personally registered by us and transferred to one person. </ delivery >Buying our product you can be sure that you will get a Steam account:
- No regional restrictions (Steam Region Free; Global account; Worldwide)
- The phone is not attached.
- Mail is confirmed, you can change to your own. (Mail included!)
- Steam Guard -OFFAbout the game:/attentionBully: Scholarship Edition events take place at Bullworth´s fictional English boarding school. The game tells the story of a 15-year-old bully Jimmy Hopkins, passing a fun teenage period. Defeat the jocks in the bouncers, play the majors, save the nerds, kiss the girls and wander around the social hierarchy of the worst school in the neighborhood.
Includes a full set of music from the game, consisting of 26 tunes./delivery
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